Troy Boiler Works Historical PhotoThe home of the American industrial revolution is now the home of the American energy revolution.

Evoworld® wood pellet and wood chip biomass heating systems are manufactured in Troy, New York, at the site of the venerable Troy Boiler Works, an ASME Code fabrication facility founded in 1863. Our unit designs were perfected in Europe, under strict environmental standards, by Evoworld of Austria. Ours is a 50/50 partnership – a family business that spans two continents, three generations and more than 150 years.

“Improving the efficiency of America’s energy sources is a national imperative.”

– Jack Okonski

A leadership team dedicated to sustainability, energy self-sufficiency and regional economic development.

Jack Okonski

JACK OKONSKI, Partner at Evoworld Inc. “Bringing the manufacture of the Evoworld boiler to the U.S. will help speed the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy supplies and ensure that it is accomplished efficiently and cost effectively.”

Lou Okonski

Partner at Evoworld Inc.


Developer of the Evoworld Boiler


CEO of Evoworld and Partner at Evoworld Inc.

The first units on the market that meet current and proposed U.S. standards for wood-burning boilers.

With our new Evoworld systems we are now heating our house with #woodchips, and one step closer to #fossilfree and #carboneutral at home.

– Greg Cooper


Architects, engineers, installers and homeowners, find out how easy it is to make Evoworld part of your energy future.

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