This month we bring into the spotlight our two most popular residential models, our P14 and P28 pellet boilers. The power range of these two boilers fits the needs of most of our residential customers who choose an Evoworld pellet boiler.

Our model P14 pellet boiler supplies 50,000 Btu’s and when used with the recommended 119 gallons of thermal storage, can meet the heating load of most small to medium sized homes.

Our larger model P28 pellet boiler has a rated output of 95,000 Btu’s. When used with the recommended thermal storage, the P28 can heat most medium to larger sized homes.

Thermal storage plays an important role in both the efficiency of our boilers and their ability to meet the peak demand of your home. By allowing the boiler to burn at a high rate when charging the buffer tanks with hot water, inefficient on and off cycling of the boiler is eliminated, leading to higher efficiency from every pound of pellets burned. The added thermal storage also allows a smaller boiler to handle peak demands your home may experience. A single 119 gallon thermal storage tank can hold as much as an additional 60,000 Btu’s of usable heat energy, meaning less demand on the boiler when the nighttime temperatures plunge!

Both the P14 and P28 models are approved under New York State’s Renewable Heat New York Incentive program which offers a 45% incentive plus $5000 for the trade in of an old outdoor or indoor wood boiler, or $2,500 for recycling a whole house wood furnace. These incentives mean there is no better time to consider installing a high efficiency Evoworld pellet boiler!

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