Sustainable energy from sun, seed and the soil beneath our feet.

  • Capable of completely replacing oil, propane and other costly fuel sources
  • Wood pellet and wood chip options
  • World-leading efficiency rating
  • The widest product range with units for every type of installation, from residential to large commercial

The most compact biomass boilers on the market. Capable of meeting the largest commercial and residential needs.

AN INDUSTRY LEADER: Evoworld has been a leader in the biomass heating industry for 20 years. We manufacture a full range of compact, high-efficiency wood pellet and wood chip boilers. Our unit designs were developed in Europe under strict environmental guidelines.

Today, from our factory in Troy, New York, we manufacture and deliver easily installed and ready-to-run systems to schools, farms, factories, government facilities and families throughout the Northeast and into Canada.

EvoWorld® Product Line

Evoworld biomass boilers are available in sizes from 25kW up to 500kW.

5/10 Warranty


WARRANTY: Evoworld offers one of the best warranties in the business – including 10 years on the pressure vessel and 5 years on the storage tank and all steelwork. See full details here.

FUEL SYSTEM: Our wood pellet and wood chip fuel feeding system is fully automated, making the use of biomass fuels as “out of sight and out of mind” as oil or propane.

Fuel Feeder

Evoworld Boiler and Buffer TankCOMPLETE, EFFICIENT & CLEAN: Evoworld’s complete solutions include boiler, buffer tank and fuel feeding system. They are easily installed in new construction and, because of their breakthrough compact design, can easily replace or supplement previously installed oil, gas or other traditional fuel heating systems.


ASME: Does your boiler installation need to comply with ASME code standards? Evoworld boilers come ASME stamped in sizes 35kw and above. 25kw units are built to the same ASME standards and may be code stamped upon special order.

See boiler laws by state, and specific boiler rules for New York State.

Architects, engineers, installers and homeowners, find out how easy it is to make Evoworld part of your energy future.

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