The use of biomass fuels for residential and commercial heating has grown exponentially over the past few years. An increase in the number of suppliers of pellets and wood chips has contributed to a more reliable supply of fuels and has stabilized prices. At the same time, customers have seen high quality biomass boilers like Evoworld come to market at very competitive prices.

State incentives have also helped customers invest in biomass-fueled heating systems by providing substantial funds to offset the cost of installing a boiler. Most states in the Northeast have incentive programs that customers can take advantage of that are designed to help grow the biomass sector. For a complete list of incentives click here.

Biomass is a form of fuel with many advantages. One particularly attractive aspect of biomass is the low cost of fuel. Even at today’s historically low prices for fossil fuels such as propane and oil, biomass continues to offer significant savings. And when you factor in the value of heating with a renewable, low carbon fuel that promotes jobs in your local economy, biomass stands out as the obvious choice.

Another aspect of biomass that sets it apart from other fuels is efficiency. Compared to older wood, gas and oil heating appliances, Evoworld’s line of pellet and wood chip biomass boilers offer much higher efficiency, pushing the value of your fuel even further. If you are using an inefficient outdoor wood boiler, you could see a doubling (or more) in efficiency by choosing an Evoworld biomass boiler.

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